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The Cheetah

One night while I was working on my Model A coupe at my friend Jon’s shop my phone rang. It was my friend Scott.  He told me that he knew of a car to write a story about and he happened to be on his way to the owner’s house. Jon and I quickly closed up the shop to go meet up with Scott. He told me briefly about the car on the way and a few minutes after we pulled up to an amazing red barnboard garage.

Stepping into the garage I feel as though i’ve stepped into a museum of car memorabilia. We are greeted by the very lively “museum” owner, Walter Zion, who’s garage we are at. The walls are covered with old metal signs and car pictures; and the display cases filled with die cast cars, suicide knobs, shift knobs and cool knickknacks. I am drawn to his black 1947 Mercury convertible. The interior is immaculate.  He tells me the car’s interior was replaced in the early 80’s by LeBaron Bonney a high end interior shop. Pictures of the interior of his Mercury had been used in LeBaron Bonney advertisements for years after.

 Just past the Mercury is a black 1934 Chevrolet Sedan street rod. In front of the Chevy is a pristine 1937 Ford Woody Wagon that is all original and untouched with very low miles on the odometer. The door wore an old goldleaf Glenfield Farm logo, a farm that was located in Middleboro, MA.

 After taking in all of the items that are hanging on the walls, ceiling and inside display cases, we step down into the rear garage where the 1950’s survivor sat in all its glory. The car started its life as a 1940 Ford Tudor sedan. In late 1952 the car started its transformation into the Cheetah. It was built by “Pick” Buron of Bridgewater, MA for the McNealon oil company. Walter showed us pictures of the car’s transformation that he received from Pick’s son; the date on the back was February 22, 1953. The pictures show the lead work that was done on the body in its bare state. The Ford was painted a tomato red when it was finished in 1953. The top had been cut off and was turned into a permanent convertible. The doors tops were sculpted to match the line of the front fenders. The trunk and the hood were welded and leaded shut. An opening to access the engine was cut and louvered. The rear of the car was nicely detailed with through “hull” exhaust, 1950 Pontiac taillights and a body contoured chrome nerf bar. The nose of the car was filled and had a custom air inlet opening with toothed grille. In 1964 Chet Andrews bought the car and the headlights were changed out for late 1950’s Lincoln stacked headlights–the craze at the time. The Cheetah originally had a Flathead with 2×2 intake on top, which was later in life swapped out for a Ford 289 with finned valve covers. The rest of the drivetrain remained stock. Red pleated vinyl covered the complete interior and wrapped over the top of the doors and seats. The red vinyl dash is complimented well by a polished gauge panel with vintage Stewart Warner gauges. The one off frameless windshield gives it a real old school open air feel. In 1988 the car was painted white, then painted black in the late 90’s. Still after all of these years the car has pretty much stayed in its 50’s state. This is a very good example of an old East Coast survivor. It really shows that these old cars need to be in the hands of someone that can appreciate the car and the hard work required to maintain it. I can’t wait to get another call from Scott  to go for a ride again.







Sin Alley Saints

Sin Alley Saints put on a car show in Norton, Ma that included only pre-1965 Rod and Customs plus traditional bobbers and choppers. When it started it was sunny and in the low 80’s, the air was filled with the smell of a briquette grill cooking burgers and dogs. As I walked into the show I was immediately drawn to the One Armed Bandit’s tent where he was pinstriping on the back of a Sin Alley Saint T-Roadster with a duval style windshield. His lines were so crisp and smooth he was machine like. Making the trip around the lot I found my self checking out the photoshoot that was going on at Pete’s 33 coupe.
There was a nice turnout of pre-1965 cars and bikes. The band Wicked Whiskey was setting up to play in the background, tuning their instruments to get ready to jam. Psychobilly music is exactly what you want to be listening to when you’re at a car show with their hotrod/surf style. They started off with a few of their own songs, the crowd favorites were Westbound Train and Blow Devil Wind then a few covers that sounded killer. They got about 6 songs in before it started to rain and they had to pack the equipment away and head for cover.

Eli of the Alter Boys rolled up in his beautiful Black 1955 Ford with a louvered hood, bar grille, airbag suspension and continental kit. Pete, also of the Alter Boys showed up with his 1933 green Ford coupe powered by a 1955 324 Olds with Edmunds intake and a pair of Stromberg 97’s. The E&J headlights, track nose and louvered aluminum hood gave it a great vintage feel. Causing quite a stir was Mike Fasulo’s orange 1954 chopped and dropped Chevy coupe that had been nosed and dechromed. The wide white wall bias-ply tires complimented the Lincoln Premire hubcaps.DSCF2236DSCF2245DSCF2276
On to the boys from the Butcher shop from Fall River. They came in on their Triumphs and Sportsters causing havoc as everyone heads over to check them out. Equiped with Chucks, 3/4 helmets and signaiture model A taillights, they climb off their metal seatpans and stretch their backs from their ride…Did I mention it was at the end of a long dirt road?
Even with thunderstorms rolling in the show was a big success with great cars, bikes, bands and food. There aren’t a lot of shows that have a year cutoff, but if they do I promise that’s where you will see the coolest cars around.


Joe’s Ford

My job for the day was to go check out this unfinished Ford fresh from the spraybooth after some heavy bodywork. I pull up to Joe’s house and I don’t see a garage. At this point I’m thinking, this is the wrong house, I check the address and it was right. I see at the door Joe waiting for me, he takes me around back to a 53ft trailer and he opens it up to find a slew of toys. I first stumble upon a 69 FL generator shovel. He tells me was a police bike in Panama. Next to it was a 69 Triumph bobbed with a gold flake job, drag bars and jockey shift. Then just past them I see what I had come to see, the chopped 51 Ford Tudor sedan. He moves the toys out to make way for the Ford. As I watched the sled slide out of the trailer I see the amazing flawless bodywork and chrome. The paint is so prestine that I can read my Rod Aces shirt on the side of the car as it rolls out of the trailer. I was racking my brain imagining the hours of bodywork it must have took to make this 58 year old slab-sided sedan come out so straight. As the idle comes down I see the great lines of the chop and how well the rear window sits. The Caddy caps are gleaming in the sun which just completes the look. The interior is not finished yet, but you can see where it’s going by the attention to detail on the dash. Under the hood sitting between the rails is a small block Chevy painted and detailed nicely. We go for a ride down the street watching people giving us looks of amazement as we glide past them. It’s such a cool feeling and I can’t stop thinking that Henry Ford should have done it this way. As we pull up to a set of lights I can’t help but to laugh as I lean forward to see what color the light is. Just as I see the light turn green he steps on the gas and tells me that the trans is set to kill as it tears 2nd gear and the rumble of the exhaust gives it its hotrod feel. We make our way back to his home and I am thinking how happy this must make him feel, people snapping their necks to take in all they can of the car before it makes it out of their sight. He tells me its still got a long ways to go before it’s done but when it’s complete everyone will know the car. As I leave his house I can’t help wondering what Barris would think of this car. The car is gorgeous, now I can’t wait to see it finished.


Friday night cruise night

Good turnout at the Walmart cruise night for the Connecting Rods car club. I like seeing that people are actually running bia ply tires we need to get rid of the street rod billet wheels and radal tires in this area maybe something will catch on.



Joes 51 Ford

Joe's 51 Ford



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